Jennifer Hammond


Owner, Trainer
Now TRX CERTIFIED... ! ! !


Credentials and Certifications

• Gloria Packard School of Nutrition: Aromatherapy

• St. John's Ambulance: First Aid, CPR Training Adult and Child, Defibulator

• Can Fit Pro: Personal Trainer Specialist, Fitness Instructor Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

• The Physicalmind Institute: Matwork, including Advanced and Standing Pilates

• The Method® Pilates: Initiation 101

• Body Harmonics: Gait Analysis I

• Gait Analysis II

• Pilates and Core Stabilization

• Pilates and The Pelvic Girdle

• Matwork Innovations

• Pilates and Shoulder Girdle • Pre/Post Natal Pilates

• Handedness and Scoliosis

• Breathing Mechanics

• Posture and Gait Analysis

• Pilates with Therabands and Weighted Balls

• Pilates with Stability Balls and Foam Rollers

• Pilates with Rotational Discs and The Magic Circle™

• Neurophysiology of Pilates • Vertical Intensive

• Pilates and Psoas Muscle

• Post Rehabilitative Protocols for Spine

• Myofascial Lines of Movement

• Osteoperosis/Osteoarthritis

• Schwinn: Indoor Cycling Instructor